Paraguay is one of the few remaining undiscovered holiday beauty spots. With 300 days of sunshine a year and a climate which puts even Florida in the shade, you will find everything you need here for the perfect holiday. Despite the exotic flair, the country has a strong European influence. The inhabitants are very friendly and open to visitors and so guests can feel comfortable and safe in the towns and on their excursions.

Some of the world’s most interesting natural wonders are within easy reach of our finca. The world famous Iguazu waterfalls are only a 3-hour car drive away. The capital, Asuncion, is only an hour away and here you can experience typical South American market atmosphere and see the testimonials of cultures which have long since disappeared.

We can also organise excursions to unique locations for our guests, for example to the precious stone mine in Wanda, the gigantic Itaipu dam, the Jesuit Reductions and Chaco, an impressive and fascinating landscape with vast, unspoilt areas.